Basic Product Knowledge

What is a Sparkle Ball™?

Sparkle Balls are clay-based balls handset with Austrian crystals. Sparkle Ball earrings feature sterling silver post, backings and/or hooks. Sparkle Balls come in a variety of different colours and sizes, ranging from 6mm to 30mm. Our CEO & Founder, Rachel Mielke, works closely with our supplier who exclusively sells to Hillberg & Berk.

What makes Hillberg & Berk’s Sparkle Balls different? We are masters of our craft, and will not settle for anything less than luxurious. Hillberg & Berk’s supplier only provides us with the highest quality of Sparkle Balls, filled with Austrian crystal so that little to no clay is showing. All Sparkle Ball earrings are enhanced with Hillberg & Berk branded post caps and sterling silver posts and backings.

The branded post caps are new as of October 2015. With so many imitators on the market, we wanted to ensure that customers knew that they were wearing the “original” Sparkle Ball Earring. Along with the new style of earring a new a new campaign was created: A few key terms to know about the new collection:

  • What does it mean to capture your sparkle? It means confidence. It means self-love. It means laughter and joy
  • To “Share Your Sparkle” is to join a movement of women empowering women and to feel empowered yourself
  • Now, with our new Sparkle Ball Earrings, we want women to sparkle longer and sparkle stronger
  • Sparkle longer by showing resilience in the face of challenges. Sparkle stronger by being fearless in your pursuits. And, most importantly, share you sparkle by uplifting and supporting each other

“When you Share Your Sparkle, you aren’t just giving a pair of Hillberg & Berk Sparkle Balls, you are acknowledging the impact that another woman has left on your life.” – Rachel Mielke

In addition to offering a high-end product, we have strict quality control policies to ensure that each Sparkle Ball sold is in perfect condition before it leaves the store. We understand that sometimes products can be defective, and we stand behind our products by offering a one-year warranty to protect against all manufacturing defects. If clients have lost or misplaced a single Sparkle Ball Earring they are able to purchase a single Sparkle Ball for half the price of the pair. We recommend bringing the single earring to the nearest retail store to ensure we find an exact match.

What is Hillberg & Berk Jewellery Made Of?

Hillberg & Berk Jewellery features:

  • Semi-precious gemstones
  • Sterling silver
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Freshwater Pearls

A semi-precious gemstone is a portion of mineral that has been refined and cut to create jewellery. This term is used to describe gemstones that are not classified as “precious”. Some examples that are featured in Hillberg & Berk Jewellery include: agate, amethyst, chalcedony, hematite, howlite, jasper, moonstone, obsidian, onyx, and turquoise, among many others.

All Hillberg & Berk products feature .925 sterling silver, which means that our products are 92.5% pure silver with the remaining 7.5% containing other mineral and alloys such as copper and germanium. Sterling silver does not contain nickel.

Swarovski crystals are man-made gemstones manufactured in Watten, Austria. Swarovski crystals are made to be perfect, though they are of a delicate nature and need to be treated with care. Hillberg & Berk is a Swarovski Crystallized company, meaning the designs have been approved by a Swarovski Specialist. This means we can brand our product with the Swarovski logo.

Where is Hillberg & Berk Jewellery Manufactured?

80% of Hillberg & Berk’s jewellery is handcrafted at our Head Office in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our production team is constantly working to create pieces of collections and perform repairs. The other 20% of jewellery is commissioned to skilled artisans from around the world who work closely with Rachel Mielke and the design team.

Keep Your Jewellery Sparkling Longer With Our Care Tips

Just like you, beautiful jewellery needs to be looked after. Treat it right and it will continue to sparkle bright.

  1. Store your jewellery individually an air-tight container to prevent tarnishing and chipping. Your H&B box is a great place to store it too.
  2. Keep your jewellery sparkling bright by cleaning or buffing with an untreated or dry polishing cloth.
  3. Keep your jewellery away from the bathroom, heating vents or windowsills as damp and hot conditions can cause the jewellery to tarnish faster.
  4. Protect your jewellery by avoiding contact with soaps, perfumes, lotions, makeup and hair products etc.

Not able to get your jewellery as sparkly as you would like? Stop by one of our retail locations for a complimentary cleaning.